Divine Intervention

Short Film | Post-Production

Directed by Ravenna Tran

Role - Producer

To get the promotion of their dreams, a mischievous earth-bound angel must get two ex-best friends to finally admit their love to each other.

Short Film (2024) | 19 min.

Directed by Leo Villares

Role - Producer

Calvin and Hanna's relationship comes under threat when their Brazilian holiday resort turns out to be an experimental therapy center.

Short Film (2023) | 9 min.

Directed by John Ferrer

Role - Producer

Trapped in a mysterious underground experiment, a group of people must survive against monsters, traps and each other.

Short Film (2023) | 17 min.

Directed by Julie Magnaudet

Role - Producer

A young woman, desperate for connection and a regular at the Broken Hearts Hospital, finds herself prescribed a love-cynical rebound.

Short Film (2023) | 20 min.

Directed by Oliver Staton

Role - Producer

A young Japanese American visiting his childhood home in Japan must choose between an idyllic vacation or staying to grieve with his estranged family.

Feature Film (2023) | 60 min.

Directed by Antonella Spirito

Role - Producer

The blossoming young love between two teenagers is brutally disrupted by retreating Nazi soldiers who occupy their small village in rural Italy.

Short Film (2023) | 19 min.

Directed by Robert Harold

Role - Co-Producer

Sarah, a young woman, faces pressure of graduating and navigating her future at her graduation party where she is confronted with her aspirations and haunted by her destiny.

Short Film (2023) | 18 min.

Directed by Spandana Patanaik

Role - Producer

S, a novelist suffering from writer's block, arrives at an isolated nature resort to work on her next book. Here, she is forced to deal with her unresolved grief and mental health whilst also interacting with the resort's guests.

Short Film (2023) | 19 min.

Directed by Florian Kasperski

Role - Producer

A group of students with learning disadvantages make a plan to break into school and erase all grades before final submission.

Short Film (2022) | 22 min.

Directed by Andres Rothschild

Role - Line Producer

A family spending a weekend in a country cottage must deal with their own grief and fears, when they discover a mysterious boy in the woods that surround them.